Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell is a poet, novelist and essayist. His novel, We. Are. Family. (MidnightSun Publishing), was published in 2016, and his third poetry collection, Standard Variation (Walleah Press), was short-listed for the 2016 Adelaide Writer’s Week John Bray Poetry Prize.

Paul Mitchell Interviews Dorothy Porter

For Dorothy Porter, writing librettos is a natural extension of her desire to “open things up” with her poetry; to discover the realms in which it can move. However, renowned as the woman who writes with rock music playing (the …

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Paul Mitchell Reviews Geoff Goodfellow

A mate of mine said there's nothing more artful than seeing a bloke deliver a left hook. I debated the point. I thought the artfulness went out of the punch when it connected with someone's jaw in a pub brawl and sent teeth spraying around the bar. He agreed: the artfulness was in the action of the punch through the air.

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Q&A with Simon Katich

Somewhere amongst Simon Katich's pads and boxes there's a long poem that the top NSW bat and vice-captain wrote on the 2001 Ashes Tour of England. But the poem's contents, like the ancient mariner's albatross, remain a mystery. “It can't …

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Paul Mitchell: The War On Cricket

It's now becoming obvious why the Bush administration for most of 2002 delayed military action against Iraq. George W. Bush's cricket loving good friend, John Howard, convinced the American president to hold off and watch the Australian cricket team provide a crucial military blue-print, crushing an undermanned and injured opposition …

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Bottled Water

I like the tank tops. And I don't mind the blue hats. But why no trousers? As if any of us has something new to show. Any one of us might be pumped from a bath or pulled down from …

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Paul Mitchell witnesses Les Murray – LIVE!

Les Murray Live at the Melbourne Writers Festival 24 August 2002 Paul Mitchell was a guest of the Melbourne Writers Festival in August this year, but only because he paid some cash to get in. While waiting for the opening …

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Paul Mitchell Interviews Natasha Cho

The tape of Paul Mitchell's first interview with Natasha Cho was tragically stolen one hot day in January. The question was: could they come up with the goods a second time via e-mail?

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Busker’s Partner

Pick me up and lay me in your lap. Rest Botticelli hips on your legs one hand on my stomach the other on my neck. Fingers on my nape pluck murmurs and sighs from emptiness. Then choke me rub my …

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Paul Mitchell Interviews Kevin Hart

Do you have, as the pop song goes, the 'music in you'? I think the music of words is always in me, almost to the exclusion of any other sort of music, and perhaps necessarily so for me. I almost …

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Paul Mitchell Interviews Paul Grover

Studio: a Journal of Christians Writing recently turned 20. In its pages it has published the work of a variety of Australian writers, including Les Murray and Kevin Hart. Paul Mitchell spoke to the journal's managing editor, Paul Grover, about …

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