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Small Poetry Presses in Ireland

Small poetry presses in Ireland are tricky enough to define. We are tempted to categorise them by volume of production, or by the number of established poets they represent. Poetry presses in Ireland are considered ‘large’ by virtue of three factors: production-volume, how established the press and whether they are in receipt of significant arts funding.

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Review Short: Luke Davies’ four plots for magnets

The first book with this title, containing 13 poems, was first published in 1982 in an edition of 300 copies. This version contains the original 13, plus another 53 previously unpublished poems from the same era, a foreword from the poet and an afterword from the original publisher, S.K. Kelen. This is more than a reissue or a new edition. It is a comprehensive collection of Davies’ works from the early 1980s and it is to be valued for the light it sheds on the development of one of Australia’s best regarded poets.

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Notes on Five Canadian Small (micro) Publishers

Canada has had a wide array of small literary publishers over the past few decades. Most notably, the small press explosion in the 1960s created small presses such as Coach House Books, blewointment, Talonbooks and Oberon Press.

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Little Magazines Exemplars: A Companion Piece to ‘To Anthologise the Now Perpetually’

There simply is no easily had “brief record” of modern and contemporary little magazines held by the University at Buffalo’s Poetry Collection; even if we were to divide by era, geography, or special interest—there are, after all, over 9,000 such …

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Australian Print Poetry and the Small Press: Who’s Doing the Books?

One of many pressing concerns for small publishers in Australia is simply this: are there enough buyers to consume their print runs? The question begets three subsequent concerns. Firstly, are Creative Writing programs creating a glut of writers and, in …

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To Anthologise the Now Perpetually: The Literary Situation of the Small Press and the Archive

“The little magazine is not difficult to define,” write David Miller and Richard Price: it is an anthology of work by strangers; an anthology of work by friends; an exhibition catalogue without the existence of the exhibition; a series of …

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Resident Strides: Small Press Poetry in the United Kingdom

The small-press scene is vast and multifarious. So, I’d rather discuss an exciting sub-scene with great authority, than the entire thing ignorantly. In recent years several unfunded, but economically viable, publishers have emerged, and they are more interested in promoting …

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