Edric Mesmer

Image, Myth and Metaphor in Post-Industrial Landscaping: Edric Mesmer in Conversation

Edric Mesmer’s of monodies & homophony won the 2014 Outriders Selection, selected by Jerry McGuire, and was published in 2015 by the Outriders Poetry Project. The following interview took place over email and across neighbouring counties during the summer and fall of that year.

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David Dick Reviews Edric Mesmer

The arrangement of the title on the front of Edric Mesmer’s Of Monodies and Homoph-ony gives the reader an early opportunity to judge (or, at least, predict) the develop-ment of the text:

of mono
dies & homo

Mesmer takes two words that essentially indicate a single, dominant – or closely related – voice or sound, and breaks them down into their constituents. At the very level of the word itself this undoes any such notion of an isolated predominant melody.

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Due Fault

           after Loy i in pound psalt aspersions as pert as locutions— a balm for the faux prince confused for for cannon fodder with a dauphin daft as can be had, greasing an Occitan flute of meth au gratin, flagellum off …

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Little Magazines Exemplars: A Companion Piece to ‘To Anthologise the Now Perpetually’

There simply is no easily had “brief record” of modern and contemporary little magazines held by the University at Buffalo’s Poetry Collection; even if we were to divide by era, geography, or special interest—there are, after all, over 9,000 such …

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To Anthologise the Now Perpetually: The Literary Situation of the Small Press and the Archive

“The little magazine is not difficult to define,” write David Miller and Richard Price: it is an anthology of work by strangers; an anthology of work by friends; an exhibition catalogue without the existence of the exhibition; a series of …

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