A Nest of Cinnamon

Angela Costi, during a Melbourne showing of 'A Nest of Cinnamon'Combining poetry with music to create a spatial dialogue is common practice. From Sappho to Leonard Cohen, Anne Sexton to Alison Croggon, Eric Beach to Kieran Carroll, there are many poets, from our past and modern times, who have engaged in a mutually rewarding collaborative process with musicians for the stage.

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Straight from the Tank

On January 25, 2003 – the hottest Melbourne day since 1939 – David McLauchlan and Michael Ward began the practice of filming poetry readings for the Channel 31 TV program “Red Lobster”. As of late 2006, this process continues, and …

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David Prater Interviews Justin Treyvaud

Justin Treyvaud and Bec Lean published a literary journal by the name of mod_piece for two years between October 2001 and October 2003. A grand total of 22 issues were produced in this time (because they took January off each …

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Q&A with Emilie Zoey Baker

“You Talkin' To Me?” is a brand new CD compilation of Melbourne's spoken word talent, featuring the likes of Ed Burger, Sean M Whelan, Edwina Preston, Terry Jaensch, Dorothy Porter and Phil Norton. It's Emilie Zoey Baker's baby, but she …

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Q&A with Natasha Cho

The tape of Paul Mitchell's first interview with Natasha Cho was tragically stolen one hot day in January. The question was: could they come up with the goods a second time via e-mail?

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Andy Jackson: No Anchovies Please!

or, Is there a place for combining music and poetry? Like I had just suggested putting anchovies in his ice-cream, a fellow poetry connoisseur once screwed his face up and told me that a poem put to music was not …

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