Angela Costi

Since 1994, Angela Costi has been publishing and performing her poetry in Australia and abroad. In 1995 she travelled to Greece to study Ancient Greek Drama and perform at Amphitheatre sites as part of a travel award from the Australian National Languages and Literacy Board. Her poetry, stories and essays have been published in a great range of print and online journals, including Southerly, Meanjin and Cordite. She is the author of three collections of poetry: Dinted Halos (Hit&Miss Publications, 2003), Prayers for the Wicked (Floodtide Audio, 2005) and Honey and Salt (Five Islands Press, 2007). Honey and Salt was shortlisted for the Mary Gilmore Poetry Prize 2008. She has written eight produced plays. She utilises both her law degree and arts background at Victoria Legal Aid, where she delivers a storytelling approach to legal education for newly arrived communities.

Shanker Hotel, New Delhi, 1991

It’s not always the same man knocking coaxing with kind English or high-pitch testing the lock with a shoulder, a knife the knock turns into bang to Hindi outrage with thrust the door becomes compromised shifts towards their effort. I …

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Reinventing the Ancient Across four Cultures, One Ocean

Introduction A Nest of Cinnamon was an international, multi-art form performance of three distinct art forms and artists: 1: poetry and spoken text created and performed by Angela Costi 2: playing of the Sheng instrument by Wang Zheng-Ting. The Sheng …

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A Nest of Cinnamon

Angela Costi, during a Melbourne showing of 'A Nest of Cinnamon'Combining poetry with music to create a spatial dialogue is common practice. From Sappho to Leonard Cohen, Anne Sexton to Alison Croggon, Eric Beach to Kieran Carroll, there are many poets, from our past and modern times, who have engaged in a mutually rewarding collaborative process with musicians for the stage.

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The day she decided to wear an explosive belt equipped with a detonator and a thumb-press button, and closer to her heart she wore the companion vest with quilt-size pockets, packed with nails, screws, bolts and lead balls (smaller than …

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Grey Sundays and Unanswered Prayers

Συννεφιασμενη Κυριακη μοιαζειζ με την καρδια μου* α. It took one song, the song of grey Sundays and unanswered prayers a bottle of whiskey and two shots of Koumandaria, sweeter than whiskey but the deeper diver, a plate of olives …

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