Nick Makoha

Chewing on a Ruby Passport

2020 Arts Queensland (Digital) Poets in Residence: Featuring Amina Atiq (UK), Ivan Coyote (Canada), Kate Durbin (USA), Nick Makoha (UK) and Jackie Ryan (AUS).

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2 Codex

Codex SAMO¬© first appears as a tag on a New York city wall in 1978 two blocks down from Aswad bookstore. It is a kind of Codex to speak the unspeakable as if it were a confession on redbrick or …

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Things We Inherited: Voices from Africa Curated by Liyou Libsekal

The African continent, being home to thousands of languages and hundreds of varying cultural identities, has richly diverse forms of poetic tradition. The world’s growing focus on the varied African cultures has created new platforms and new avenues open to African artists, writers, poets, musicians and filmmakers, etc.

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Ugandan Golgotha

The rebel is all shield and sword, you are all flesh and feet. Already dead in this old Europe. A road of neon dirt grows towards a checkpoint. An Acholi soldier laughs in hyena soliloquy. Blood and wine from hills …

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When the mountains stared at our backs, it was my mother who read the sky, its cobalt glass full of moisture. The clouds formed a necklace at the summit. If I could remember the smell I would describe this as …

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