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By | 12 March 2021


SAMO© first appears as a tag on a New York city wall in 1978
two blocks down from Aswad bookstore. It is a kind of Codex
to speak the unspeakable as if it were a confession on redbrick
or brownstone in the hard years. Downtown, was Jean’s street
studio so was the fridge, TV, wall and floor in our apartment.
He saw no division between earth and sky. To call it graffiti
is to call hieroglyphics gibberish. That’s ignorant. This is Jean
ordering a tequila to test his outer limits. It is a summer night
and we have rented two 35-mm cameras. He has figured
out that a painting is stronger than memory, passports, planes
and nicotine. The curtains are drawn but still no money for
canvases or rent. After red wine he swears he heard the wall
say – let your wrists be free. In the face of all this, he was kin
to me. This is a photograph of Jean after the ten-minute set
at the Mudd Club. He says – It’s not him and shows more
interest in streetlamp above us. Look the camera is guessing
Being a self, is a controlled hallucination generated by the brain.
The night is a black moon. The Empire State building has always
been a lead character in his inner movie. From the loft, it glows
orange. This Jean and he says – If you can’t see his three-point
crown you should see a doctor. He is divided and dying for
a piss. He presents as an image of a man and as matter in motion.

Have a listen to this. (Distorted voice)
The transcripts of both men. If you give me
A day or two. I can clear out the background
noise. You can change your dollars at the bodega

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