Nick Makoha

Nick Makoha‘s debut Kingdom of Gravity was shortlisted for the Felix Dennis Prize and nominated by The Guardian as one of the best books of 2017. Both a Cave Canem Graduate Fellow and Complete Works Alumni, he won the 2015 Brunel prize and 2016 Derricotte & Eady Prize for his pamphlet Resurrection Man.

2 Codex

Codex SAMO© first appears as a tag on a New York city wall in 1978 two blocks down from Aswad bookstore. It is a kind of Codex to speak the unspeakable as if it were a confession on redbrick or …

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Ugandan Golgotha

The rebel is all shield and sword, you are all flesh and feet. Already dead in this old Europe. A road of neon dirt grows towards a checkpoint. An Acholi soldier laughs in hyena soliloquy. Blood and wine from hills …

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When the mountains stared at our backs, it was my mother who read the sky, its cobalt glass full of moisture. The clouds formed a necklace at the summit. If I could remember the smell I would describe this as …

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