Safia Elhillo

Everything I Don’t Know How to Say / sve što ne znam kako da kažem

When I left Bosnia in 2018, my cousin gave me a book of poetry, Bosansko-Hercegovačka Poezija. It’s a slim volume, bright purple with a pale lilac square on its cover.

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Things We Inherited: Voices from Africa Curated by Liyou Libsekal

The African continent, being home to thousands of languages and hundreds of varying cultural identities, has richly diverse forms of poetic tradition. The world’s growing focus on the varied African cultures has created new platforms and new avenues open to African artists, writers, poets, musicians and filmmakers, etc.

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self-portrait in case of disappearance

i am afraid that everyone died & it did not fix the world this was meant to be the afterlife to the burning countries our mothers left behind girls with fathers gone or gone missing sistered to dark boys marked …

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we begin because the worlds before ours ended sometimes abruptly sometimes in burning sometimes we survived & met sometimes i do not make it sometimes you get better first & feel burdened by my smell of smoke the dead root …

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