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natural sciences trivia

Qs. at what rate is the moon leaving us, in centimetres per year? for an extra point: at what rate do poets reduce the moon to the page per year? are these figures related? where do whales go? true or …

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Dženana Vucic Reviews Case Notes by David Stavanger

Experience of mental illness presents a paradox that feels impossible for representation in language: it is at once both too personal and yet too universal for easy translation. Everyone has a measure for how it can be done; from Sylvia Plath to My Chemical Romance to Robin Williams, if we have not experienced mental illness ourselves, we have seen a multitude of others grapple with it and have become (we think) discerning arbiters of the real.

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[Trigger Warning]

and what I’m saying is sometimes you don’t get a trigger warning before someone pulls the trigger, before you’re a body in the hot wet heat pressed by bodies hunting insides. there are sixty thousand women in my country—at least—and …

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Krenuli Su Vuci

I want to write a poem that explains the algorithmic slides that turned Karadžiću, vodi Srbe svoje into Remove Kebab when even google translate knows the difference; but how do you explain Dat Face Soldier backdropped by our dying and …

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