Inua Ellams

Things We Inherited: Voices from Africa Curated by Liyou Libsekal

The African continent, being home to thousands of languages and hundreds of varying cultural identities, has richly diverse forms of poetic tradition. The world’s growing focus on the varied African cultures has created new platforms and new avenues open to African artists, writers, poets, musicians and filmmakers, etc.

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The Staunch Slouch

An afternoon indoors but for sunbeams flecking the audience of relatives, it could be any evening any century before ‘Nigeria’ was coined to group the villages, the hundreds of thousands of families gathered where the wind is low, the rumbling …

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Short Shorted / Odogbolu 1995

All this is fact / That Jebo had a knack for melodrama. That his slight weight barely marked That boarding school ground. That he was teased for his fair complexion. That he’d skim most crowds in search of me. That …

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