Tjawangwa Dema

Things We Inherited: Voices from Africa Curated by Liyou Libsekal

The African continent, being home to thousands of languages and hundreds of varying cultural identities, has richly diverse forms of poetic tradition. The world’s growing focus on the varied African cultures has created new platforms and new avenues open to African artists, writers, poets, musicians and filmmakers, etc.

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A Benediction for Climbing Boys

1. Sometimes the chimney was hot or alight. They sent us up anyway, mostly naked. At night we, sleeping black, dreamt of the bakers on Lothbury, of tight flues and endless winding. The first time Jonny went up, there was …

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White Noise

and where is the point at which penance comes knees bent with your name as absolution on its tongue we can only hope for something that knows, perhaps when we do not: the taste of clemency when the sentence is …

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