Kylie Thompson

Chewing on a Ruby Passport

2020 Arts Queensland (Digital) Poets in Residence: Featuring Amina Atiq (UK), Ivan Coyote (Canada), Kate Durbin (USA), Nick Makoha (UK) and Jackie Ryan (AUS).

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Folio: Brisbane

I first spent time in Brisbane as Poet in Residence for QPF back in 2015. I came up with the following poetic exercises for my 2020 residency, as a way of being there again, if only in my mind. I …

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Pre-heatwave Interlude

6am They say the world sleeps but this is rarely true for people the white noise traffic lingers eternal drowned by morning rituals of turtle doves and lorikeets perpetual feuding with mynahs. The cool breeze isn’t quite awake drags its …

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