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Twi | Water Drops

Translated from the English to the Kokborok by Chandrakanta Murasing bolong bahai borobsai phayw watwini twyo sujagwi chwngsakhe ha boyarbai tai waisa bebak phuranna bagwi kwthwi ranprajak bolongni langma kwtalkhe sichayasak kubun kubun phaising thngw twi **** phiya haywngo twi …

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Proteaceae: A Chapbook Curated by Peter Minter

In January 2013 I visited the inaugural exhibition of the new Blue Mountains City Art Gallery, an eclectic and compelling collection of works curated by Gavin Wilson and entitled ‘Picturing the Great Divide: Visions from Australia’s Blue Mountains’. I stood for what seemed like an hour before John Wolseley’s wonderful ‘The Proteaceae of NSW and Argentina 1996’ – a water colour and pencil work that is part of his ongoing creative enquiry into geological and biological temporalities, and one which advances an intensely felt and thought aesthetic of deep trans-historical and trans-biological emergence.

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Satan’s Riders

well we might think our world is dead with visits from the devils these white-men who came with their guns of hate yes the one’s who came as men of God came here to face us with their evils bringing …

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