Satan’s Riders

By | 1 December 2013

well we might think our world is dead
with visits from the devils
these white-men who came with their guns of hate
yes the one’s who came as men of God
came here to face us with their evils
bringing white sails and loaded guns
to kill to rape and plunder
with mission-men who brought The Book
they came with words of thunder
and so they savaged all they took
for their whim was to make us suffer
to suffer for their savage nation to grow
ever onwards to be called Australia
with God’s word they killed some more
and use His name to make us bow
embrace their church and know his law
to not be here yet be their mill-stone
as vermin they killed us mob by mob
yet now they want our souls down-under
in strength our struggle is our Country
so strongly we challenged the man-god laws
owned by white-men His law decided
who we are and where we go
we see their washed hands still unclean
from the things they did in man-god’s name
look at the tracks to their savage lair
where priestly man-gods say God is truth
and the white-men say that we must follow
and so we follow with grace in struggle
our journey takes us to see your white-man gods
where we can see men in the papal bull
yes the papal bull’s words that lie in thunder
making secret miracles from twisted words
they pressure down on their true believers
on these good church people true to all
accepting all people in their churches
until the man-gods judged their very souls
and the papal Horn made their blood to flow
for they could kill and rape and plunder
like those before them who ruled with power
these man-gods came with evil doings
they saved the priests who loved their man-god
priests who did things and the children cried
the men’s plan blocks their women’s pathways
for they did as they did to save their image
and save the ones with privileged powers
ordaining men alone to talk with God
giving the men power over unbelievers
while the world watches evil in the churches rituals
we now see blackfellas following to find a new peace
in our peaceful ways we went for hope in God
our mob followed churches the men-gods made for us
yes we followed them through to see their popes
we followed a trail they left in His words
those twisted words the popes do tell
we followed their tracks into the centre
the man-god tracks to the Vatican tomb
going down where they keep their secrets
down deep in the dungeons far below
again we saw those words so wicked
down in the tomb with the popes of old
there we see the Horns in golden glory
these are the Horns where popes will pray
a pope will pray and so his priests will
forever to hold His law in their Book of God
to carry his words for all believers
believing a lie through a man-god’s magic
making God in man then twisting the image
while they all sit here with a secret God
the Horns hold secrets of men-god savages
in Satan’s tomb where His Horns are revered
we watch this lie where white-man is God now
where all believers see the lie as true
the madness is in believing the lie of magic
you white-men expect gratitude for all you did us
and you tell us to believe a man-god lie
to believe He is God alone and mighty
to love Him and cherish Him as the God on high
you lead us on a path where we are the strangers
and we see the evil forces that we must challenge
in your Australia we look and see hate and misery
and you feel our struggle against man-god magic
in our struggle for freedom in the natural world
with strength of Country we have powers from way back
to force truth from the lips of your man-god priests
who’s snouts in troughs sated savage cravings
we will force them and push them in the public eye
until the horns are broken into millions of shards
and in our time we will deliver our sermon of Country
our words of wisdom in the patterns of knowing
of a Country old with our stories to tell you
to end man-gods rule and the savage priesthoods
until nothing is left of your disciples of Satan
and freedom is our Mother set in Country we know.

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