Jim Everett

Playwright, poet, and political activist Jim Everett is descended from the Ben Lomond people, a clan of the Cape Portland nations in North-east Tasmania. His name Pura-lia Meenamatta meaning 'paperbark' from the Ben Lomond area, is taken from his main ancestory, the Plangermairreenner people. Everett wrote his first play, Survivors, in 1984 after seeing Jack Davis' play The Dreamers. His written works now include plays, political papers and short stories and he has been published in many major anthologies. Everett's other work includes, television documentaries, educational videos and theatre productions. He currently (2006) lives on Cape Barren Island writing and operating his consultancy business.

Twi | Water Drops

Translated from the English to the Kokborok by Chandrakanta Murasing bolong bahai borobsai phayw watwini twyo sujagwi chwngsakhe ha boyarbai tai waisa bebak phuranna bagwi kwthwi ranprajak bolongni langma kwtalkhe sichayasak kubun kubun phaising thngw twi **** phiya haywngo twi …

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Satan’s Riders

well we might think our world is dead with visits from the devils these white-men who came with their guns of hate yes the one’s who came as men of God came here to face us with their evils bringing …

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