Peter Minter

Peter Minter is a leading Australian poet, poetry editor and poetics theorist. He was a founding editor of Cordite, has edited and published widely in Australia and internationally. He is a senior lecturer in English at the University of Sydney.

These Old Bones of Mine

at first I carried them back to her that pile of old white bones I found in the pocket of a river’s meander high in a dry floodwater bend a shoal of ten thousand river stones the marbling shade of …

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Introduction to Natalie Harkin’s Dirty Words

Cover design by Zoë Sadokierski

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Proteaceae: A Chapbook Curated by Peter Minter

In January 2013 I visited the inaugural exhibition of the new Blue Mountains City Art Gallery, an eclectic and compelling collection of works curated by Gavin Wilson and entitled ‘Picturing the Great Divide: Visions from Australia’s Blue Mountains’. I stood for what seemed like an hour before John Wolseley’s wonderful ‘The Proteaceae of NSW and Argentina 1996’ – a water colour and pencil work that is part of his ongoing creative enquiry into geological and biological temporalities, and one which advances an intensely felt and thought aesthetic of deep trans-historical and trans-biological emergence.

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Vale Dorothy Porter

Peter Minter writes: “The second-last day of winter in 1997 seems so far away now, but today I remember it clearly. After her captivating late afternoon reading, Dorothy Porter and I found a corner in the dining room at the Varuna Writers' Centre, Katoomba, the daylight waning outside amidst steely dampness and the trickling departure of friends.”

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Emperor Go, Godspeed

Peter Minter was a founding editor of Cordite and former poetry editor of Meanjin.



I was there when the dieback began.      First I felt the dead drive toward total florescence, company drying-out      as the sun went down on prime real estate, sandalwood, cedar      feathers in the red run, charred plains of old geology      bled …