Jen Jewel Brown

Jen Jewel Brown Reviews Dig: Australian Rock and Pop Music 1960-85

Isn’t it time we invented a new handle for this ‘rock and pop’ stuff? ‘Rop’, for instance? Alternatively, ‘pock’ surely says ‘acne moonscape’: good for sounds designed to lure teens with condom-snapping haste. Regardless, I must say the droll and often delightfully irritated David Nichols brings a savoury palate to this tasting of Australian sounds.

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Collaborative Kelly Stalks Arcane New Ground

And to the bottom I will follow Conversations with Ghosts (CD) by Paul Kelly Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2013 While a long-time voracious song-writer and performer in his own right, Australian musician Paul Kelly has also been a collaborative nomad, drawn …

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Host (호스트)

Host I am in love with you Han River great grey green yellow wide Han River curling round the bridge pillars’ concrete dreaming hero-maker, forced by sulphuric acid lonely mother stealing children slips from the sewer drip-drop echoing den coral …

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Mary Shelley’s Man

joined to him by a storm of ice

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I come from the dead zone with clap trap jaw and clankin gait and bulletswhistle is my song halloooo coooweeeeee goes burnin down thegreengullylacedwithferns curlin coyly hideaway and low-dippin' currawong calls my locomotive breath announces me, my breath in the …

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Dawn Fanny Malley: Suspected Vectors

DAWN FANNY MALLEY (born David John Malley) was another daughter of Ern. Her poem was submitted by her bereaved lover Angwina Aedes who is currently raising their love child Sabine in the sandhills of Point Lonsdale. She says send money or fame, we'll take either.

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