Mary Shelley’s Man

By | 1 April 2010

and restless stretched lulled father's casting
womanhood caterwauling fevers, death and the
joined to creature knowing
not born

black dank cold break with clouds
rush of consciousness confound
with the ache and throb of
life stitches blue/green/yellow/red
bruises' kisses everywhere

black dank cold river mirror split
like paper down the ark of him
words will him to believe
black the warm thrump-thump of Percy's chest
snap man this head rusted with clouds
and the blood break hands
lumbered out

Dada's mirror children
eaters of gently trailed fire
when he came
she knew –
corpse scent
open grave part fire
his smell, rush of consciousness
confounded with the age bongggggggggggggg
mist rolling on –
her in her wooden wheels and bells echoing tolling
cold ink-stained hands defied
the fingertips trailed gently came

this head rusted with clouds
and the blood break hands
joined to him groan of sky-bolted by a storm tearing
mountain pain
half-sunk, his head rusting
joined to him her fingertips tearing
joined to him by a storm of ice

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