3 December 2008

I come from the dead zone with clap trap jaw and clankin gait
and bulletswhistle is my song
halloooo coooweeeeee goes burnin down thegreengullylacedwithferns
curlin coyly hideaway and low-dippin' currawong calls

my locomotive breath announces me, my breath in the darlin morn
and my heart jumpin with the joy of jump-up to that
carnivorous constabulary dead-set keen to eat us all alive

damn if I'll not slip from the steam of their winter broth and when they aim
– and only then – then in my wrath I'll rain damnation down
upon their tick-pocked heads

callin all you lustrous coots and laddies hidden in the bloody bracken come
or lead-riddled, swimmin out the ether, bound for heaven or hell which entertainment
we can wait indefinitely for to see
for all scabby-knee kids never given a brumby's chance
astride my last I'm a moveable fort
a hero with breath forged in a fearful fire
June's bite an ice of iron

stop your coughin don't dream I will leave you

wrote I needed no lead or powder
wrote words would be louder

I lied

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Jen Jewel Brown

About Jen Jewel Brown

Jen Jewel Brown works for the National Film & Sound Archive and is doing a Ph.D. at Monash. She is an award-winning poet, twice featured in Best Australian Poems (Black Inc.). Brown has worked as a journalist and reviewer since the 70s and authored four books.

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