Dawn Fanny Malley: Suspected Vectors

26 November 2005

I'm going to keep this short

we hope to run a full service


          bbc live feed

can include carbon dioxide,

body odours, air movement or heat.

forsaking everything for what we believe

when the first incidents occurred

additional for evening rush hour

        a soldier. of this situation.

   diversions or can cope with

Until we feel security you

          stagger   we'd ask

     too will taste the reality

is it, um, uh mutter muter mum

         you lurch off sideways into air

We are at war and I am

clearly, we, as long as, uh, securing

Image: Mohammad

   roadways resuming

   rectify that fault

until you stop the bombing, gassing,

imprisonment and torture

       good8 great8 greedy8 george w bush's8?

fighting in the … (garbled) … of this cause.

Sidique Khan tape.jpg

uhm uh mumum made any



'we do not bomb civilians.' – gwb

'Our words have no impact until

we give them life with our blood' – msk

come, let us play at unawares.

DAWN FANNY MALLEY (born David John Malley) was another daughter of Ern. Her poem was submitted by her bereaved lover Angwina Aedes who is currently raising their love child Sabine in the sandhills of Point Lonsdale. She says send money or fame, we'll take either.


As reported on Cordite News Explosion, we are humbled and disappointed to announce that this poem was in fact written by Jen Jewel Brown.

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Jen Jewel Brown

About Jen Jewel Brown

Jen Jewel Brown works for the National Film & Sound Archive and is doing a Ph.D. at Monash. She is an award-winning poet, twice featured in Best Australian Poems (Black Inc.). Brown has worked as a journalist and reviewer since the 70s and authored four books.

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