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Review Short: Chris Mansell’s STUNG

StungChris Mansell is a widely published poet with a lively range of interests, a multi-talented writer who bridges various creative worlds; her work sometimes fusing with music, the visual arts, and theatre. Her departure from a narrow specialisation in poetry is highly admirable, but may have made her somewhat under-appreciated both as an energetic innovator and important poet of her generation. Mansell’s first book of poetry appeared in 1978, and she has published more than 25 books and chapbooks in the intervening decades; while her Schadenvale Road, a collection of short stories, appeared in 2011.

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Stephen Lawrence Reviews Chris Mansell

Letters by Chris Mansell Kardoorair Press, 2009 Poet Chris Mansell has been active in publishing and editing since the 1970s. In Sydney, she co-edited and founded magazines of poetry and prose; and she later helped inaugurate Five Islands Press, which …

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Serpentine; my breath

SALON Departments: 5-Minute Mystery 3/1/45 The Picnic By The … Swans on the …; Mallard Duck at morn; He never came a wink too soon Nor bought too long a day; But now, I often wish the night Had borne …

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A nice slice of shredder

Helen, publishing a number of reporters, saw her dream turned into reality a page at a time. At once her castigation of the huge-budget was described as a 'most-vivid film experience'. At the same time asking film critic cabinet minister …

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Justin Lowe reviews Chris Mansell

Chris Mansell lives for poetry, or so it is implied in all she writes and all she does behind the scenes, like one of those superhuman dynamos without whom poetry in this country would simply stop breathing altogether.

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