Great confidence: self cento 2

By | 15 September 2022
  1. last night, this morning, I dreamt
    incidental walking. This has to be
    write, as one writes
    full of synchronicities

  2. there was a good question
    sales at collected works
    was refreshing though
    the answer was that

  3. also liked more figures
    the flow of wealth
    the most telling status
    there were gaps

  4. a relief to find that
    some time missing from this
    and also don’t see the problem
    bull-fighting on NYR fiction: dull dull dull

  5. I preferred Saturday
    reading the last of the unauthorised life
    to fend off some of this gloom with objects
    papers before accidentally napping

  6. a radical approach to the simplicity of music
    concrete/asemic poetry is trying to get
    concealed rocks and declivities
    two useful things today

  7. we saw a man, stranded, hanging by his arms
    they said they were too busy
    because socially diffident
    several shifts in point of view

  8. some annoyance there
    visual interrupted texts
    seemed not to want to be a part
    the day compiling books

  9. my mother’s love of victimhood
    a constant. She knows how
    at the bottom of the tea
    and now a smiling crab

  10. a sad child’s face, leaning on its hand
    since all my bridges are destined
    I give up. I really do.
    I might have made a commitment

  11. we discussed her new farce
    some fabulous artists she is
    we’d eaten with them the night
    we decided to stay another

  12. this we’ve done before
    I have been reading Carson
    the research trial sounded good
    we agreed we all need

  13. Foxline stab layout. It will
    monoclonal antibody with this
    child’s drawing of a tree
    do need to be read in the context

  14. Knocked two things off
    all day socialising
    an unconscionably long time
    there is so much more

Single lines from a journal
line in italics from Phillip Glass, interview with NYR
Carson, is Canadian poet Anne Carson

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