Serpentine; my breath

By | 1 January 2004

SALON Departments: 5-Minute Mystery 3/1/45

The Picnic By The …

Swans on the …; Mallard Duck at morn; He never came

a wink too soon Nor bought too long a day; But now, I

often wish the night Had borne … …

The black car which transports Freddie and the group

rides off from the …

Into his study found him seated at his desk studying a

fragment of rare … “That's about it.” “That's about

nothing,” I mumbled under … …

I hold … … to stop my damn bosom, and a stale

tingling slowly builds up, gray emanating from this

strong, angular, pale face –

… Screams. The tepid swamp water closes over my head

and I try desperately to – Hughnah!!

… repose. Baptized In burning waters, So hot I fear

my … ; Yet hopeless to erase, Nor replace, Your

incandescent touch

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