Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence writes and reviews poetry. He has four collections of poetry, and reviewed for the Australian Book Review, Overland, Wet Ink Magazine and the New York Poetry Project Journal. His PhD concerned poetry published in Australia in the last decade. He has two poems chosen for the 2012 Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry (University of Louisiana).

Adorno Gnomes

Jazz is what it is used for not what it is. If you die in despair you’ve lived your life in vain. Thought is not solving problems: this is perversion. Thought is coerced by logic: this is perversion. Estrangement removes …

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Stephen Lawrence Reviews Andy Kissane and Alan Gould

Even in the earliest era of proto-literature, The Epic of Gilgamesh sought to represent human voice, its intonations and social communications. Yet the clearest sign of a versatile writer is the extent to which he or she can dislocate the voice, free it up, loosen it into multiplicity. And the more experienced the writer, the more likely they are to catch on to this.

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Stephen Lawrence Reviews Chris Mansell

Poet Chris Mansell has been active in publishing and editing since the 1970s. In Sydney, she co-edited and founded magazines of poetry and prose; and she later helped inaugurate Five Islands Press, which continues to produce successful and award-winning volumes of Australian poetry.

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