Adorno Gnomes

By | 1 February 2012

Jazz is what it is used for
not what it is.

If you die in despair you’ve
lived your life in vain.

Thought is not solving problems:
this is perversion.

Thought is coerced by logic:
this is perversion.

Estrangement removes
the distance between people.

Every work of art is
an unacted crime.

Exuberant health
is a sickness.

Happiness is obsolete,

Those with laughter on their side
have no need of proof.

The person who betrays love
damages the past.

Who matures early
lives in anticipation.

History uses language
and takes place in it.

Horror is beyond the reach
of psychology.

The weak see time left to live
as a brief reprieve.

Truth in psychology is

Praise of the underdog is
praise of the system.

Intelligence is a class
of morality.

Life is the ideology
of its own absence.

Love sees similarity
in the dissimilar.

When in love, you show weakness, and
do not provoke strength.

If society’s not free.
a person’s not free.

Thought is a contradiction
without emotion.

The poor and hungry chew words
to fill their bellies.

Art contains alternatives
and so masters them.

Technology is and makes men
precise and brutal.

Culture counterfeits
customer reactions.

Sexual ethics: the accuser
is always in the wrong.

The gods look in pleasure on
penitent sinners.

A good man is modeled on
material power.

When they imitate humans
humans are humans.

The task of art is to bring
chaos to order.

Thinking checks at each moment
whether one can think.

Self-consciousness is knowing
that one is nothing.

True thoughts are those which do not
understand themselves.

That deliverance will come
is illusory.

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