By | 1 July 1998

… I once asked a deaf magician the famed question: if a tree falls in the forest, will it always make a noise? He wrung his hands wretchedly, then signed “yeah; but what’s a man to do?” Earlier, he’d pulled me from his velvet hat, lipreading the gasps of a gathered crowd …

… if I was going to burn a hole into the night my inventory would include starlight, & a magnifying glass. Once the hole was made big enough, I’d scaffold it so as to hold it in place. Imagine that. Then I’d crawl in. What would I find there–the cure for madness? An undiscovered number. Simplicity. Perhaps the perfect shade of blue? Who knows. But I do know I wouldn’t take too many people in, because they’d just fuck it up. I’d take you, though.That’s for sure. I’d take you.


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