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By | 1 May 2018

Is it true that somewhere
the plum trees have happily blossomed?
Yi Saek (1328-1396)

bee vertical
her flickering eye

hindwing shadows
skittering the bright
3rd storey dirt

-edged aerie >>> trucks
gearing down
into dusk’s gold

overtones (looping script on autoplay)

you umderstand?
we jabber, jabbing
phone translator apps

surveying the non
-silence, stumbling
our conversations

>>> her, me, Samsung,
wind, brickwork, err

-ings, birdsong/ the sunshine & glass façades

joint pain, teeth
grinding along
in the adjoining room

she is cross
-legged, meditating, 4am
upright as a stork

in tatami fields, breath
-ing entirely in 3D >>> o
possibilities, in

-finitudes & distance

our neighbor
Lung Biscuit
(informal) hunches

through the weeks >>>
scowls ‘yeah’
to our hellos

in the basement
of his
bony-shouldered shadows

‘thinking, thinking’/ fuckoffificatorily

‘birds, skζwårqnψg
in bird language
& the leaves ru

-stling [sic]
in seasonal grammars,’
we think, touching

our thoughts with thought
& all the sky
a morning’s bluescreen

/ flock of cadence harries past

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