Five Malfunctions for Max

29 November 2010



1. A few quotes here from the Police Court proceedings against Max Harris plus a semi quote from a Mallee poem. Vogelsang was the detective leading the prosecution’s case. So, an obvious ironic reference to ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’, Sherwin and Maschwitz, 1940.

2. This palimpsest for Stewart and McAuley based on their Durer pastiche.

3. An ironic continuance of the fabricated relationship between Ern and his sister.

4. A parody of a Stewart/McAuley Malley poem using excerpts from explorers’ journals and quotes from the Malley poems.

5. Another palimpsest in which the first part is alternate quoted lines from Stewart’s and McAuley’s own poems. The second part concludes with a quote from Stewart’s ‘The Leafmakers’.

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