Zombie Haikunaut Renga I

1 April 2010

zombies in the fields lifting each cauliflower decoy brains
(Scott Thouard)
footprints smell of fungus and new rain
(grant b)
in lust for the drummer this silent heart
out in the dark behind the disco – waiting
(Genevieve Osborne)
new moon all that exposed flesh shivers my skin
(Graham Nunn)
the high-pitch screeches swallowed by fog
(Barbara A Taylor)
Salome's dragon coughs a wake in progress
prizes at Bar Etiquette for the best dressed dead
stop! on the tailor's needle bits of blood
(Vasile Moldovan)
his mouth drawn shut a head-shrinker's trophy
(grant b)
dreaming of pearls the old actress leaves her teeth out
(Graham Nunn)
signing autographs sideshow seats glow orange
(David Prater)
Armageddon rules against the whistle blower a stiff wind
(Betty Ann Galloway)
midnight, the train departs for death camps
(Barbara A Taylor)
all by itself a hand creeps through the moonlight
(Ashley Capes)
whose coat of arms on this signet ring?
nicotine sky dulling the smell of bodies
(Graham Nunn)
suffocated by datura's tubular bells
(Barbara A Taylor)

This is Part 1 of Cordite's Zombie Haikunaut Renga project. Comments on this post are now closed. Visit Part 2 to join in the fun!

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