"Haikunaut Island Renga"

20 May 2009
flub-a-dub in the purple west helicopter
(David G. Lanoue)
a bald eagle atop the sharp left turn sign
a woman knits flowers on a soldier's grave
her second husband wears red-framed glasses
(SAT??Æ Ayaka)
apple sack and a library book about gravity
(Deborah P Kolodji)
eternal doldrums on the Sea of Tranquility
(josh wikoff)
in no time a lonely cricket calls the tune
(Vasile Moldovan)
Don Marquis' archy cocks a snook at humans
(Kathy Earsman)
small business the pub owner strokes a huge belly
her best rose-covered cup dulled by dust
(Sandra Simpson)
all night the humpbacks speak of love
(josh wikoff)
a water lily opens in Kakadu
(Anne Elvey)
my hand on the rock no space for a shadow
(Sandra Simpson)
da Vinci knows of these things light shade and objects
(Rhonda Poholke)
by the window who sits stitching pearls onto silk?
(Genevieve Osborne)
in poverty's grip identity folds
(Michael Roper)
cherry blossom drift- here comes the poet with his hippopotamus
(Lorin Ford)
listening to Pink Floyd still on the hit list
(Barbara A Taylor)
children laugh unafraid of the past in the summer grass
(Keiji Minato)
a ladybug of leisure wanders upside-down
on a city tram opening to Han Shan's distances
(Lorin Ford)
cold mountain range plays hidden music
(Joseph Mueller)
hunting truffles the sow cannot help herself
(Ashley Capes)
the streets are empty now rumble of a tank
(Greg Rochlin)
after the lightning strike a ti-tree blooms in halves
(Rhonda Poholke)
a divorced mother bungee jumps
tattooed on the back of her neck a howling Jesus
(David G. Lanoue)
a cardboard alphabet tacked to backyard trees
(Joseph Mueller)
our renga booklet- the wind turns leaf after leaf and the moon reads it
(Vasile Moldovan)
the players rehearse on Prospero's isle
(Lorin Ford)
after midnight it all goes topsy-turvy
(Genevieve Osborne)
youtube koalas munch on pixel gum leaves
(David Prater)
cross-species kindness - a fireman offers his water bottle
(Anne Elvey)
morning meditation a crow disrupts my shadow
(Graham Nunn)
garden lilac unfurling at the tempo of its fragrance
our postman arrives - pitter-patter tin drum
(Michael Roper)

This is the final result of Cordite's experiment in interactive renga, with Keiji Minato acting as renga master. To see how this renga came into being, check out the 1024 comments on Haikunaut Island Renga 1 and Haikunaut Island Renga 2. Haikunauts are go!

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