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By and | 15 April 2015

We’re pleased to tumble out into the world these first four print collections in the new Cordite Books imprint. We had considered print collections for a few years, but the tipping point to actually publish them came in late November 2014.

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It all began with Alan Loney’s Crankhandle, which was just too good not to get out there in the world. But why do one book when you can do four? John Hawke’s Aurelia, Ross Gibson’s Stone Grown Cold and Natalie Harkin’s Dirty Words followed soon thereafter. These are excellent and challenging collections.

Cordite Press Inc. enlisted the exquisite talent of Zoë Sadokierski to create a series design, and the additional editorial whizbangery of Penelope Goodes to ensure the books are as perfect as a new print publisher can make them.

These books are not print on demand, limited edition only. We wanted to produce literary artefacts, and so we have.

Books are $20.00 AUD each, and this includes shipping within Australia.

Read the introductions to each book:

Alan Loney. Crankhandle. Introduction by Michael Farrell.
Natalie Harkin. Dirty Words. Introduction by Peter Minter.
Ross Gibson. Stone Grown Cold. Introduction by Pam Brown.
John Hawke. Aurelia. Introduction by Gig Ryan.

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