Jane Gibian

Jane Gibian is a poet and librarian whose publications include tidemark (Vagabond Press, 2013) and Ardent (Giramondo, 2007). Her work has been widely anthologised, most recently in Thirty Australian Poets (UQP, 2011) and Australian Poetry Since 1788 (UNSW Press, 2011).

LAND Editorial

When we chose to edit an issue of Cordite Poetry Review around the theme of ‘Land’, it was with an interest in the inherent openness of the word.

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Submission to Cordite 82: LAND

LandDisturbed land. Conserved land.

Whose land? Yours, mine, the landlady’s?


Land unlocked.

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at night the traffic lights change rapidly almost erratically / cars parked 90° front to kerb their noses grazing the nature strip in a mizzle of rain / it’s autumnal when your taste for news peaks in the morning / …

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The peeling (껍질)

Your peripheries don’t rest easily, expanding to embrace the imposing strips of fallen bark that gather all the russet pigments of carmine and leaf mould with the mealy beige of new skins, uneven pieces from an impossible jigsaw circling the …

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Nesting songs (둥지 틀기의 노래)

First song Familiar curves of the downhill road home, bodies swaying in unison with steep corners; the quickening of movement inside: a great fish turns and glides away, an allegro low in the torso. On the lounge room floor, a …

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Wanted, taken

OFFER: 3 cans fly spray assorted videos Ashbury Pregnancy test, Hurlstone Park WANTED: Road bike (pref. working condition) Plaster for mould making TAKEN: old bamboo blinds St Peters OFFER: Assorted shells (Forest Lodge) RECEIVED: ping pong table OFFER: half set …

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Everywhere in Asia

I sort of feel at home, but for the heat. A takeaway latte? I heard women have two thirds the super, but need it to last longer than men. The friand is the new muffin, he quipped by the chiffonier, …

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Jane Gibian's first collection of poetry, The Body's Navigation, was published in 1998. In 2002 she was an Asialink Literature Resident in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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