Nesting songs (둥지 틀기의 노래)

By | 22 May 2011

First song

Familiar curves of the downhill road
home, bodies swaying in unison
with steep corners; the quickening

of movement inside: a great fish turns
and glides away, an allegro low in the torso.
On the lounge room floor, a rectangular

patch of streetlight, Friday night
sounds floating upwards, lightness
of a weekend descending.

Second song

Constant growl of an unseen ocean
in the background; in the foreground
a swelling belly, navel beginning

to protrude. Unable to stop stroking
this cocoon, almost coveting a home
like the grey fantail’s: a deep cup of green

moss and lichen, felted with spiders’
web and plant down, the most delicate
cradle for a featherless babe.

Third song

Overnight storm, the spotted gums
hoary with rain, muted greys
staining the pitted honeycomb rocks:

the world rolls and turns inward
where hard surfaces press out,
elbow joints sharpening, a shell-

like carapace inside moss-lined
softness. Smallness of stones stuck
fast in the smoothed-out cavities

of a shell’s twisted inner skeleton,
a trickle of water building into spume
that crashes against crimson cliffs.

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