Ryan Scott Reviews ‘The Return of Král Majáles’

The Return of Král Majáles: Prague’s Literary Renaissance 1990-2010 an Anthology edited by Louis Armand Litteraria Pragensia Books, 2010 This book positively brims. With words, with pictures, with experiments and experiences. At eight hundred pages plus, it is as a …

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Stephan Delbos: The Prague Micro Festival Poetry Series

prague_festival_poster1In our latest feature, Stephan Delbos recalls some highlights from the inaugural Prague Micro Festival Poetry Series, held in Prague and Brno between 14-18 April 2009. To accompany the words and images, Cordite presents five live recordings of readings by Australian poets Jill Jones, Philip Hammial, Michael Farrell, Pam Brown and Louis Armand at the Globe Bookstore on 15 April 2009.

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