Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott Reviews The Return of Král Majáles

This book positively brims. With words, with pictures, with experiments and experiences. At eight hundred pages plus, it is as a definitive testament to Prague’s so-called International Literary Renaissance. Apart from the prose and poetry, there are photos of those involved and an extensive bibliography of journals, zines and newspapers which have been published in Prague over the last two decades.

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Ryan Scott Reviews Nicholson Baker

Paul Chowder, poet and narrator of Nicholson Baker's novel The Anthologist, is trying to write an introduction to his forthcoming anthology of poetry Only Rhyme. Unfortunately, he is unable to say exactly why rhyme is important, and so like anyone with a seemingly impossible task, he procrastinates.

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Ryan Scott Reviews New European Poets

The editors of New European Poets have made their intentions quite clear. They aim to reinvigorate the transatlantic conversation between American and European poets. Such an ambitious task is not without compromise. In order to achieve their aim, the editors have had to set some constraints, some they admit are arbitrary.

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Mick’s Coos

I. all over again the crescent curve of his back written on your lips   II. he'd idle behind spilling over glistening stones sometimes, not enough   III. someone imagined him inside the shell of a car it looks nothing …

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Ryan Scott Reviews Petr Borkovec

Petr Borkovec has been referred to as the leading poet in the next generation of Czech poets. But who are this next generation? How do they relate to the old? And what is Borkovec's place among them? The most general answer to the first two questions, which the translator Justin Quinn addresses in his insightful introduction to From the Interior: Poems 1995-2005, is that Borkovec differentiates himself from earlier poets in that he is not obviously political.

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Small Man with a White Shirt and Black Trousers in the Museum der Bildenen Künste, Leipzig

I didn't mean to be an artwork, going about my business on the platz. Coffee slurped smoke in-out shirt tail wedged down one last time. Okay, okay, white shirt into back trousers, But he could've chosen one of the other …

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Ryan Scott Reviews The Best Australian Poems 2008

When an anthology purports to represent the best poetry of a time or region, it's fair to assume someone will question the validity of its publication. 'On what criteria is this judged?' some readers might wonder. 'Can poetry really have a best?' others will ask. 'Why wasn't I included?' a few may dare voice aloud.

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Ryan Scott Reviews David Prater and MTC Cronin

It would be unfair to David Prater and MTC Cronin to construct some tenuous link between their new collections for the sake of this review: each volume is stylistically unique, showcasing two skilled, albeit different, voices on the Australian poetry scene. While in Prater we have a poet for the digital age who can twist its soundscapes and textures and still retain an artistic core, in Cronin we have an author who demonstrates again her understanding of timeless themes such as pain, loss and love, and attests to their permanence.

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