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Review Short: Simeon Kronenberg’s Distance

In his debut collection, Distance, Simeon Kronenberg establishes himself as a poet of inclusive intimacy, both as oddly as that sits as a phrase and in relation to the collection’s title. Intimacy is, of course, personal and the vicarious imagined.

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Henley Park Canto

33:54:30 S,151:6:190 E This cul-de-sac sits like a thermometer bulb at the bottom of a street lined with housing of various degrees–Californian bungalows, miners’ cottages adapted to open-cut suburbia, stucco incursions that conceal grandiloquent stairways while the next generation experiments …

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A Deceptively Similar Mind

1 When I seek, I look, look, look …. – Benoit Mandelbroit. The Mandebrot set is not an invention of the human mind: it was a discovery. Like Mount Everest, the Mandelbrot set was just there. – Sir Roger Penrose. …

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Judith Beveridge’s Twelve Highlights from 2014

Throughout 2014, Judith Beveridge selected one poem per month to spotlight in Cordite Poetry Review, and she delivered excellent choices … writing a bit to each selection. We have compiled them all here in one article. Enjoy!

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Feature Poem with Judith Beveridge: Laneway Tom

With a distant glance and nod to Alfred, Lord Noyes’s poem, ‘The Highwayman’, Paul Scully in ‘Laneway Tom’ creates a very modern tale, one that could be playing out in the lanes and backstreets of any contemporary city. The imagery …

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