Paul Scully

Paul Scully is a Sydney-based writer. His second collection, Suture Lines, was published in December, 2016 by Guillotine Press. His work has been published in print and online journals in Australia and the USA.

Review Short: Simeon Kronenberg’s Distance

In his debut collection, Distance, Simeon Kronenberg establishes himself as a poet of inclusive intimacy, both as oddly as that sits as a phrase and in relation to the collection’s title. Intimacy is, of course, personal and the vicarious imagined.

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Henley Park Canto

33:54:30 S,151:6:190 E This cul-de-sac sits like a thermometer bulb at the bottom of a street lined with housing of various degrees–Californian bungalows, miners’ cottages adapted to open-cut suburbia, stucco incursions that conceal grandiloquent stairways while the next generation experiments …

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A Deceptively Similar Mind

1 When I seek, I look, look, look …. – Benoit Mandelbroit. The Mandebrot set is not an invention of the human mind: it was a discovery. Like Mount Everest, the Mandelbrot set was just there. – Sir Roger Penrose. …

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Feature Poem with Judith Beveridge: Laneway Tom

With a distant glance and nod to Alfred, Lord Noyes’s poem, ‘The Highwayman’, Paul Scully in ‘Laneway Tom’ creates a very modern tale, one that could be playing out in the lanes and backstreets of any contemporary city. The imagery …

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