Erin Shiel

In Patricia Piccinini’s Workshop

It is late and she knows she should be home already as they were expecting her for an early dinner. Her car keys are in her hand but feeling the draught from under the workshop door she turns back, expecting …

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The chandelier of the garden is the magnolia. Bare elegant arms stretch to hold the lights. Finial not above like a waiting weapon but rooted in earth. Each cupped hand holds a pale green bobeche with a bulb not yet …

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Judith Beveridge’s Twelve Highlights from 2014

Throughout 2014, Judith Beveridge selected one poem per month to spotlight in Cordite Poetry Review, and she delivered excellent choices … writing a bit to each selection. We have compiled them all here in one article. Enjoy!

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When the Wind Stopped

I read somewhere that the words ‘ekphrasis’ and ‘ekphrastic’ had at one stage a reference only in the Oxford dictionary, but nowadays these words are very much part of poets’ vocabularies and practices and most poets at some stage write …

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