Rico Craig

Emperor of 32 Bella Vista Drive

Terracotta Warriors guard their Emperor. Fifteen archers in the al fresco dining area, a four-car garage full of foot soldiers. The Emperor is damp with middle age and dawn dew, askew on a banana lounge, his dressing gown unhitched. The …

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Blackberry Caliphate

For months men with coloured stakes have pegged the suburb, subdivided their way over the hill, toward our hidden place, this clutch of blackberry. We’re here again, arms smeared with sour fruit, hands nicked and bloodied from passage through the …

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Judith Beveridge’s Twelve Highlights from 2014

Throughout 2014, Judith Beveridge selected one poem per month to spotlight in Cordite Poetry Review, and she delivered excellent choices … writing a bit to each selection. We have compiled them all here in one article. Enjoy!

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Feature Poem with Judith Beveridge: Prawn Heads, Oil Rigs and Infidelity – Kuala Lumpur 1977

‘Prawn Shells Oil Rigs and Infidelity – Kuala Lumpur 1977’ is a highly dramatic poem full of tension and suspense. The poet builds these elements into the poem through the astute use of short, sharp phrases which also deliver their …

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