By | 1 February 2016

Too funicular for me.
Those informers to whom I’m betrothed are so
mountain galore that what comes after their chicken run
is anyone’s guess. Not edification in the Ways
& Means of Malice that’s a certainty. O clutter
of Glockenspiel, may the one who excels beyond
all measure be measured, down a peg or two, say to
4am, too early for gamut, for Gospel to lead
with that proverbial left. Should I, in this the fifth
& final year of my notorious conviviality,
relish myself with money? How much against
the pugnacious would that set me? Ah, those
dark days in Peshawar, who would have thought
I’d be praised for health decoration: May no frenzy
visit Thee
. In unison, yes, they all said it, gathered around
my stinking bed in dead of night. And No, your request
for sanctuary has been denied. So no problem
if I keep shaving with this rusty cutthroat? Mission
statement: clean face makes clean mind. Mind
my p’s & q’s & I’ll be mountain galore, yes? It’s
palpable the No they unison, backing away
from my cutthroat. Has it always been like this, these
in-the dead-of-night-visitors in their grass skirts like cops
in some never-never land harassing poor me? What
has history done to my body, that’s what I’d like to know.
It should never have been this mouth-to-mouth nothing
with much negative about my hearing. Should never have been
a throat with wire, the one who tried to whisper English, yours
truly, who chose to have his noise absorbed by those
who wandered in & saw undressed the great plenty
I might have been, might still be, that pilgrimage
to the tomb of Il Duce still possible, thereat to wax
lyrical, candied, anointed, lubricated, decked out
in latest design flak jacket, bowler hat & spats, offering
myself to the first psychopomp who has the wit
to trump me, trompe l’oeil, trot-it-out-let’s-see
what-you-got, etc. Is it time to swoon? I hope so,
my feet are killing me, grammarians on my back about
my stumblebum meter or lack thereof. Reduced
to a crawl, Il Duce looking down from on high.
Too funicular for me.

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