By | 1 July 1998

As do many in navy we contrive
a crux of vegetable. Get &
stay lean for a cranked
majority. Slam & how hard
a door. Straight
to majesty. Chic ribaldry
moving fast. Back
to front & what’s
between. Grass pains
for a handsome twosome who think
of money as a friend. What they feel,
is it on purpose or just
a lucky scratch? Probably probity enough
for a squeal or two so long as they don’t go
international. Count your blessings
but lick your postcards first. Make it
a solemn occasion. A blank
for the fill-ins. To button which
who’d dare? To be sure
your much touted celestials
won’t. Who, placed
to such advantage,
nothing do. Our cue
to switch to meat. Take up knives,
row for our lives.

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