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By | 22 May 2011

Nutritionists. Openly 9
out of 10 recommend
a lifestyle & know

the thick-shakes in all tastes
& sizes are coming

so recommend the following:
(with the exception of the following
because the following cause:

  • Barbecued food
  • Deep fried food
  • Food that is high
  • Food that is low
  • Food that (de)contains

The going theory is causality
’s the problem:

eg, the previous following foods
cause our body to gain various types of fat.

And which causes the brain? 
And which is the best?

The best of all oils

is good for our brain
though the brain: not recommended
as part of a healthy diet – it causes

you see

actual thought
& designer food.

Palm oil is the worst.
It is highly unsaturated:

Here, it has saturated a brain
which is now full of fat.

Coffee, to put it simply, is good

because it contains the brain
at all hours of the morning.

If you spend half a day inhaling

the aroma of a cup of coffee, that’s two oranges
right there and then
as though you’d eaten them!


it can cause cancer in rats
which is bad for the rats.

Four doses a day, the nutritionists say,
until we reach the age when

it is recommended that we go
to the land of lifestyle where

salt is the cure for pain
& honey: more helpful
than detrimental. But beware

once there, no more
Zhu Zhu noodles for you:

this is a place of pork awareness.

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