Blinding Loyalty

By | 1 February 2015

The Yamaji didn’t see it coming
Having taken over from their fathers
Working as farm hands Mullewa side
The seasonal work welcomed
Getting to drive the equipment
Preparing the land for wheat
Driving in circles and squares
Late at night and into early mornings
The extra dollars needed
These Yamaji didn’t see it coming
Over the years the equipment
Became flasher – more buttons
Control panels computerised
Farmers wanting more from the land
This was their priority – more, more, more
Local seasonal farm hands could be replaced
In fact they would be replaced – no loyalty there
Not even a thought to train them
Just bring in outsiders to operate
Expensive equipment now
The Yamaji couldn’t see it coming
His need for work made him blind
The opportunities not great inland
His loyalty to his father’s loyalty to the farmer
Made him blind to the fact
That he was no longer needed

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