Yamaji Kin Songline

By | 1 February 2022

I am kin to the Bimarra creation line
Snaking across country into bloodlines
Creator of Yamaji life and culture
Sustaining very old ancestor our old country

Nganajungu Bimarra is our medicine

I am kin to the old people now sand grains
My barefoot lifting their spirits into my being
Their quiet soft voices floating like invisible
Feathers in the Midwest wind into our hearts

Nganajungu Gami- Aba brings us medicine

I am kin to the bushfoods on my kitchen table
Gifted from family tree hunters on country
Collected by family gatherers from seasonal foods
Sustaining our spirit in town colonised spaces

Nganajungu warany -guga is our bush medicine

I am kin to the colonial archives violence
Family stories of removal, genocide , eugenics
Social experiments inhumane and cruel
Treatments of a First peoples on own country

Nganajungu yungatha needs our medicine

I am kin to family tree descendants of our
Many Ancestors guiding each generation forward
Coming back from ancient waterholes to babies
Family song lines sung in many different ways

Nganajungu Bimarra
Nganajungu Gami-Aba
Nganajungu Warany -guga
Nganajungu yungatha
Brings me culture and medicine
Grows our Yamaji Kin Songline

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