A White Australia Mindset

By | 1 February 2015

When do you know it has become obsolete?
When can we be certain it has become obsolete?
Take the White Australian Policy abolished on paper yet
The mindset was to keep Australia for the descendants
Of the British and to keep ‘Asians’ and ‘coloureds’ out
Prime Ministers applauded making farmers feel safe
With the stolen lands taken from the First People’s
Australia’s foundation proudly cemented
As the land of the long white nation
A mindset transferred from father to son
Ensuring it survives down the line thru time.
A White Australia mindset is not out of date
Policies, Legislations, attitudes, stereotypes
A voice screaming “go back where you belong”
A voice asserting “Hey mate whites built this country”
A voice declaring “this was nothing before we came”
The White Australian mindset not replaced
Not obsolete, not out of date, not disappeared

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