By | 16 August 2019

there’s a sample of the future
on the Sunday morning train
a platform of people
on the Bridge to Brisbane
and the smug stench of wellness
but what use is it to run
only to return

the grapefruit tang
of Saturday night
flayed on sidewalks
and the haven’t you already been here
once today

enjoy your latte among the regulars
where they serve
hipster fries and heaven in a jar
and the failed date from the night before
you’re trying to ignore
the poet who only wants to talk
about boxing
where every fight is the fight of the century
and the punter who says I didn’t know
poetry could be funny
and the man who is every man
shouting in the foyer
I am oppressed I am oppressed
and you wonder if this is just
another performance

what are you going to do
write yourself gently
into 2000 years’ time
where maybe one day someone will find these thoughts
archived in the museum of earthly frights
where you are a sequel
a 2.0 version of your self
and the people who once knew you will look back and say
nothing beats the original
but I like you better this way

*This poem appears in Rebecca’s forthcoming collection Ask Me About The Future with
University of Queensland Press in 2020

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