Rebecca Jessen

Rebecca Jessen is a timeless boi. a linen daddy. a random shy poet. a sleeping body that remembers desire. a comet trail. a groin anomaly. a body that is a bridge. a moonstruck adolescent. an incomplete list poem. a lesbian, but… Her debut poetry collection Ask Me About the Future (UQP, 2020) was shortlisted for the 2021 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Poetry, the Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry and Commended for the Anne Elder Award.


there’s this mode of gaming called griefing / to deliberately disrupt the narrative / here we disrupt our own narratives / here you are not my little brother but some outsized version of yourself / some other you who had …

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there’s a sample of the future on the Sunday morning train a platform of people on the Bridge to Brisbane and the smug stench of wellness but what use is it to run only to return the grapefruit tang of …

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for Zenobia Frost base notes of black plum and aniseed 
late summer
 cherry / her warm hand
 making gestures
 inside me / how much cannot be returned
 to us 
when everything is split
 into the before / after traces of …

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(after) HER: dating app adventures

how do you say how you doin?? without evoking Joey from Friends? ♥ I’m only here because I want to find a girl to ask wanna Netflix and chill? ♥ I filter out the over 40 silver-haired broken embrace that …

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What I Talk About When I Talk About Helicopters

the moth that beats itself to death against the chandelier dies an unheroic death in the corner of the study. heroic is listening to Jeff Buckley on repeat and not getting in the car to drive. repeating your sentences because …

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