By | 1 August 2021

there’s this mode of gaming called griefing / to deliberately disrupt
the narrative / here we disrupt our own narratives / here you are not my little brother
but some outsized version of yourself / some other you who had a chance
here in this edgeless map you are an embodiment / a physical self who never arrived
you collect me in your yellow Ferrari / we go shopping for high-end threads
and everything fits / I exist in the body I imagine / we take your chopper
to your nightclub / the smoke machine obscures our forms / we dance as if
our bodies could be left / I cycle through new moves to find out who I am
and we can’t stop laughing / you get blackout drunk and briefly shimmer
off screen / there’s a way to increase the intensity / to move so perfectly
to the beat / you forget that other body / in cinematic mode I can see us fully
two actualised versions of ourselves / off-screen our bodies are not limitless
we are not yet who we are / I ask what grief our virtual selves shed / to exist in this

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