The girl, the one

By | 16 August 2019

I’m the girl with the curly hair;
The one with four eyes and a moustache;
The girl whose brother promised laser hair removal when engaged;
The one with a two syllable foreign name.

I’m the girl that is told is weird;
The one that is ‘special’;
The one with a mouse on a running wheel inside her head;
The girl who writes fake notes to not play sport.

I’m the girl that hates numbers but devours words;
The one who sees through people;
The one with instinct as sharp as a claw;
The girl who fits with rage at injustice.

I’m the girl that’s told to go back to their own country;
The one who speaks two languages but understands three;
The one that doesn’t drink;
The ‘religious’ one.

I’m the girl that makes peace at home;
The girl with the crying mother and absent father;
The one who has brokered deals with God;
The one that sleeps like a foetus.

I’m the girl with the chastity belt;
The last standing virgin in a sea of blondes;
The one forbidden to go on schoolies;
The one in bed at home every night.

I’m the girl that is ‘easily distracted’;
The one that talks too much in class;
The girl that is segregated;
The one that makes others laugh.

I’m the girl eating the pomegranate;
The one that smells of turmeric and thyme;
The girl that can’t say no when offered seconds;
The one in a lamb induced food coma.

I’m the girl that was forced to swim;
The last one in a race;
The girl that heard the sounds of jeering;
The one with a lack of discipline.

I’m the girl that’s been mistaken for a boy;
The one called an ugly duckling;
The one that wrote a love letter;
The girl that got refused.

I’m the girl that’s looking at you looking at me;
The girl that wants you to stop looking and let me be;
The girl;
The one.

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